Искуства клијената

Овде се налазе нека од искустава клијената, на енглеском језику:


I am very satisfied with CDS services. In several occasions we do business in field of audio consulting and engineering. Our company AGEA also interact with CDS in fields of audio production of our multimedia materials for large seminars and other professional educational purposes.



This is a great provider. Totally professional in every sense of the word, and worked really hard to make sure he met a deadline on a project with a very short turnaround time. Highly recommended.



Excellent freelancer. High-quality work delivered in record time. Great communicator – will hire again!



I have been using freelancing sites for more than 2 years now and have dealt with many providers. It’s normally design or flash work but this particular time it was audio. I doubted what I needed could be achieved but I was not sure so I posted my project. It soon came apparent that nobody could deliver what I needed and because time was ticking by I posted the same project on every freelancer site I could find. The general feedback from providers was, Yes I am pretty sure I can give you what you need just send me 50% upfront and we will take it from there. This was not very reassuring when some of the providers had told me that what I was asking was virtually impossible and declined to bid. I had a film that was presented by a very famous TV personality in the UK. I needed to change some of the words he was speaking to some different ones. These were words that could not be cut out from other parts of the audio they were totally new to the film. On top of this the camera does many close ups of the TV personality speaking so even if you could change his words convincingly his lips would be saying something totally different. I needed this to sound perfectly as though the new words were the original and I needed his lips to move with the new words also. I had more or less given up when ER2 sent me an email saying he would like to have a go and then subsequently downloaded the film. Within a day I had an email back with an attachment of a short clip showing me the general prognosis. It was good news. Over the next week numerous revisions took place as I wanted perfection and ER2 continued to provide these and as of yet not a penny had changed hands. The project is complete now and I dare not think how many hours went into it. Out of all the providers i have dealt with this man is the most skillful, professional and honest. My one wish would be that he was as apt in all fields and not just audio. This man is a rare find and I can’t thank him enough. Thank you.



I find your music is very beautiful…

Joanne Roibu


Branislav was very dedicated to my video editing project, taking a very personal approach to make sure that I was satisfied with the end result. He went beyond the scope of the project and the pricing was extremely competitive. For any other video projects I will only invite Branislav to bid. I, without reservation, would recommend Branislav to anyone else that has either personal or commercial video editing projects.



SUPER to work with.

Ben Ohmart


Branislav, I had a chance to look over you work, which I thought was extremely high quality.

Peter McNally


Thank you very much for your work. I am super satisfied and recommend you to anyone!

I really appreciate your work and really do want to work with you again if I have some media related jobs.

You are the only one who could actually removed the click sounds out of the sample. No one else! So without any doubt, you are the best out of those who bid. I do trust your skills.

While other bidders for my job post told me it would be impossible to remove this pen clicking sounds from an audio file since it occurred during a speech. This provider was the only one who just removed the clicking noises completely. I do have some software to edit sounds but I am not a professional. To me professionals should be capable of handling tasks that amateurs cannot. Of course, I am sure that the provider is capable of doing a lot of other things with media files. I am looking forwards working with the provider again.